Our Favorite Season – Engagement Season

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

It is only fitting that our first blog post would be on the day that celebrates love – Valentine’s Day. Today is also the end of our favorite season, engagement season. Did you know that most engagements happen from November to February? Those cold months and trying to stay warm really do bring you closer to the one you love! If you are one of the lucky ones that gasped, cried, or acted surprised as he slipped the ring on that you picked out – here are a few recommendations on what to do next.

· Hire a Wedding Planner. I know we are self-promoting here, but we can help you set goals for your style and budget before you even start looking at places, dates, and vendors. We often find that couples start the process and hire the most expensive items (venue, photographer, caterer) first and seem stressed when they realize they can’t afford much else. Our goal is to save you money and time when hiring those vendors for your wedding. Not to mention all the other things we can do for you to save you time, stress and energy.

· Establish a Budget. Speaking of budget… it is important to establish how much you are comfortable spending on a wedding. We speak to so many families that just have no idea what a wedding actually costs. We will help you stay in your budget and still obtain your goals.

· Establish a Guest List. It is almost impossible to plan without knowing the number of people you plan on attending. Make a list of those you know that won’t miss the party, those that might come, and those that just feel honored to be invited, but have nothing to wear. We have a pretty good sense for numbers and can help determine how you should plan.

· Start Looking at Fun Stuff! Our first advice to all of our clients is to create a Pinterest board. This can quickly narrow down your style. If we are seeing lots of feathers and macramé – we know we are headed in the direction of bohemian style. Look for pictures of all the different aspects of a wedding; the ceremony, reception, food, cake. You might find you want to break with tradition and create something entirely new. What is our favorite style? Whatever we are currently working on!

· Enjoy... The honeymoon phase of joy and endless smiling can happen all throughout your engagement too. We know how much goes into planning a wedding and preparing for the next chapter in your life. Let us help with those little details so you can enjoy the journey.

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