Celebrating a Marriage – in the time of Covid-19 and social distancing

After months spent of social distancing, there is no better occasion to gather than at a celebration that is all about love and hope for the future. At Poppy Lane Events, we look at every aspect of a wedding event through the lens of how to best keep our clients, guests, and our vendors safe and healthy. If you are just starting your wedding planning journey, it can be an overwhelming task on how to accomplish this while still staying true to your wedding day dreams. Here a few tips on where to start:

Your guest list. Due to social distancing guidelines, many of our clients are trimming their guest list. When you trim down your list, you can reallocate some of your budget for the finest cuisine or hire entertainment you wouldn’t have been able to consider before. One of our clients trimmed her guests of 200 people reception down to just 45 guests. She was able to use that money to secure lodging for all of her wedding party.

Venue options. Look for spaces that have an indoor-outdoor option. With a smaller guest list, you might be able to use private homes or club houses. Outdoor spaces allow for various seating options that are more appropriate now than ever. Keep in mind while planning your layout the flow of guest traffic to help maintain social distancing. When we plan an event, we always try to work in a circular planning motion so that guests are not crisscrossing to get from one area of the event to another. If considering a private homes with great indoor and outdoor space, we love the properties at We love the beauty of the home and the landscape, and with Zion National Park as your backdrop - it is a dream to work as a wedding planner there.

Contactless Greetings. It has always been proper etiquette for the happy to couple to greet each guest. A hug, kiss, or at the very least a handshake was given. Now we see new replacements emerging like bows, waves, winks, the elbow bump. The most important thing you can do for your guests is to let them know how you want them to interact with you. It’s awkward if one of you going in for the hug and the other one is putting up the plexiglass. Start with your invitations and an insert letting your guests know if masks are required and social distancing measures that you will have in place. Signage at the wedding will help guide your guests in avoiding those social blunders.

Catering. Oh boy, this is a big change. It was by far the most common way for catering at an event – the buffet. I don’t see this as an option now. With the smaller affairs, plated is now more affordable, and we are seeing it as a trend. We are also seeing couples choose passed bites instead of displays of desserts and hors d’oeuvres. As wedding planners, we are helping our clients navigate how to keeps their costs in line but keep everyone safe and comfortable participating. One of our favorite ideas for one of our favorite clients (they are all our favorites) was to pack a boxed meal. The guests could take it and leave after offering well wishes or sit at one of our seating vignettes that we had created.

For every challenge, we can usually find a silver lining. For weddings, it is that they are fundamentally more intimate. The couples are spending time with each of their guests, and guests are not just attending an event, but having an experience. Planning in new world can be difficult. If you are needing some advice, reach out to us. We are here to help make your celebration a success.

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